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Mr Nice Guy Movers - Risk of hiring a bad moving company

Updated: Mar 22

Most moving companies are honest and upfront about what they offer. But like any industry, there are scam artists out there.

Knowing the potential risks of hiring a bad moving company in advance educates you on what to look for in a reputable moving company in your area and what to avoid.

Below, we’ve outline the risks of hiring a bad moving company and what to avoid.

Extra Costs, Hidden Fees & Surprise Charges

While it may not be possible to give you an exact cost, you should be able to expect at least a close estimate to how much you’re going to spend moving your home, family, and personal belongings to a new location.

One potential risk of hiring a bad moving company is the risk of incurring extra costs such as hidden fees and surprise charges. A reputable moving company will provide you with a moving quote that is fair and honest and details exactly what type of services you’ll receive.

Mr. Nice Guy Movers lists all moving and storage rates online so there are no surprises.

Damaged or Lost Goods & Personal Property

The risk of find your personal property damaged – or worse, lost – could vary in seriousness. Something as minor as a broken hand mirror likely isn’t a huge expense to you, but damaged furniture could be.

Some companies will cover a breakage if they they packed the belongings, but may not if you do the packing yourself. 

To minimize the risks avoid entrusting rare and irreplaceable items with a mover unless you carry insurance that will cover the individual item. Many homeowner insurance policies will cover damage costs to a point, but many others won’t, and the compensation may not come close to the true value.

Make sure your movers are Insured!

Non-Licensed, Uninsured & Non-Professional Movers

With all your choices of movers, you will most likely encounter some who do not hold any licenses or carry insurance on either your items or their drivers.

One of the biggest risks of hiring a bad moving company is working with uninsured workers. If an uninsured driver or packer happens to get hurt at some point during the move, you could be held personally liable for their injury.

Work With a Reliable Moving Company in Calgary

To be sure you are hiring a mover that is reputable, ask lots of questions.

Do your research.

Call Mr. Nice Guy Movers to get a quote today!

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