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Proper office relocation project management is important for a successful move. A plan prepares your company for a smooth transition and may cut relocation costs by half or more. At Mr. Nice Guy Movers, we will carefully plan and manage your office relocation moving process in advance and during the move.


Office Moving Calgary

You should always work with a licensed professional office moving company to make sure your move is handled efficiently, is cost-effective and is completed on schedule with the least disruption to your busy office team.

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Office Move Checklist

Here are some tips to make sure your office move goes smoothly:


Communication services - Planning for the phone and computer systems to be up and running at the new office location after the move is a must. Make sure that your telecommunications services restoration will not be delayed by working up a plan with the communications staff and your service providers well in advance of the move date.


Inform your customers - Remember to change your office letterhead and notify your customers regarding the move with change-of-address slips, cards and emails. Use the move as an opportunity to remind your customers of your commitment to service excellence. Let your vendors know about the office relocation as well.


Employees Orientation - Meet with employees before, during, and after the office move to explain how new functions such as the security and phone systems work. Offer guidelines for new procedures.


Contact Utilities - Contact your local utility companies for services like phone, electricity, and water. Provide them with beginning and end dates and schedule any necessary appointments that will require your presence.


New Services - So that the transition will occur as smoothly as possible, try to make the move-in day easy and stress-free. Make sure that parking is available for your company’s employees. Don’t forget to order new keys so people can get inside the new office.


Walk-through - Before, or on move-in day, walk through the new space with staff to indicate the new work areas. Have a process for reporting and dealing with any follow-up issues that come up.

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