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We provide excellent Calgary Specialty moving needs. Serving

Calgary and surrounding areas.

Specialty Movers

Fine Art and Antique Movers in Calgary

If your shipment includes fine art, delicate china, crystal, family heirlooms or other items that need special attention, we recommend that you discuss professional packing services with a Mr. Nice Guy Movers representative. He/she will be glad to explain the costs, materials and unpacking services available at your new home.


You can depend on our professional experience in Calgary moving services for knowledge and experience in helping you prepare for your move. At Mr. Nice Guy Movers, we understand that your belongings are valuable to you and offer the best service when it comes to delicate or fragile objects or fine art. We take apart and individually wrap moving parts, expertly pack them into non-moving containers and carefully reassemble them upon delivery. We’ll be happy to assist you, answer your questions, and work closely with you to make your relocation or piano moving in Calgary as effortless as possible.

We offer the following Specialty moving services:

furniture delivery Calgary

In-House Moving

Piano Moving Calgary

Piano Moving

Moving supplies
Long Distance Moving

Long Distance Moving

Mr. Nice Guy Movers Customers
Large Items Moving Calgary

Large Item Moving

Estate Moving Calgary

Estate Moving


Mr. Nice Guy Movers provides specialty moving services that involve oversized bulky items which require special equipment in order to be moved both properly and safely. One of the items we provide specialized equipment for is safe moves.


Many people use safes as a way to protect their money, weapons, or other precious objects, but when it comes to moving a safe from one place to another, there’s nothing safe about it. Large safes weigh upwards of 800 + lbs., and the slightest wrong move can cause a harmful, even fatal, disaster.


Mr. Nice Guy Movers ensures that transporting your safe will be done correctly due to the following:


  • High-grade equipment including appliance and hydraulic dollies

  • Proper methods and techniques

  • Specialty training

  • Extensive knowledge and experience

  • We move safes up to 2,000 lbs.


Mr. Nice Guy Movers is experienced with the appropriately trained set of skills needed to perform this type of intricate move, including the most up-to-date equipment necessary to guarantee a smooth delivery of your treasured item. Our experienced and specially trained movers will use the proper tools to insure the safety of your item.

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