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Your # 1 best choice for Calgary seniors movers.

Serving Calgary and surrounding areas.

Seniors Movers Calgary

Downsizing with Mr. Nice Guy Movers, Your Best Choice For Trustworthy Seniors Movers.

Seniors Discount 20% Off Calgary

Imagine this scenario: You have decided to sell your home. The realtor is knocking on your door and wanted the house on the market yesterday.


Or imagine you have already sold your home and you need to sort through decades of clutter, pack, remove unwanted furniture, move and then unpack.

You are feeling stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious and not sure what to do first when you look at each room in your home.

Wish you could just wiggle your nose and see your home transformed into a move-in-ready home that any buyer would be proud to own?


Mr. Nice Guy Movers is your one-stop moving and transition company providing highly personalized move management services. 

Seniors Moving Calgary
senior moving services.

Our services include planning, downsizing, relocation and all other services needed to tailor to your specific needs.

Mr. Nice Guy Movers offers one-stop solutions from de-cluttering, downsizing and staging your current home, so you can move into your new home with ease and be worry free. Mr. Nice Guy Movers can even assist you in selling your current home. Our experienced team will take care of every aspect of your move including finding a home for items that will not accompany you to your new home.

Seniors Moving  Discount

With Mr. Nice Guy Movers anyone 70 years or older are eligible for a Seniors Moving Discount of 15% off the cost of your moving expenses. For example, if your moving cost is $360.00 with out travel time you will save $54.00. 


At age 70 and above, many of us begin planning changes in our lives. These might include a lifestyle change and even possibly, a move to a new home in another part of the country. These transformations are truly a “new beginning” and that’s why Mr. Nice Guy Movers are proud to offer you the New Beginnings Program.


New Beginnings Benefits & Guarantees.


1. Guaranteed on-time pick-up and delivery. 


2. Guaranteed price. Our quoted price for the services requested and items to be moved won’t vary.

In order to qualify for our seniors discount you
must be 70 + with providing proof of age and address.
Discount only applies to house and/or apartment moves only. Deliveries,
 in-home moves and travel time do not apply.




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