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Moving Rates

If you are planning to move soon, you may want to know how much it will cost.

A simple way to estimate the cost is to multiply the square footage of your home by a $1.

For instance, if you live in a 600-square-foot one-bedroom apartment, on the average basis you can expect to pay between $399 and $599 for 2 movers.

At Mr. Nice Guy Movers, we offer transparent and affordable moving rates, as shown below.

You can trust us to handle your move with professionalism and care.

Here at Mr. Nice Guy Movers we have our moving rates listed below.  

With us, you will have no hidden fees and no unexpected surprises.

Muscle arms chart

3 Hour Minimum Plus 1 Hour Travel Time Applies

Mr. Nice Guy Movers Moving Rates

Mid Month vs Month End

In general, MID MONTH rates start the 2nd week of the month and end the second last week of the month. MONTH END is the first and the last week of the month though actual dates vary each month.

All moves are subject to a 3-hour minimum plus 1 hour of travel time. For example, two movers at $99.99 per hour with 3 hours of moving plus 1 hour of travel time is only $399.96  This policy covers the cost of truck labor, and fuel. 

In-House Moving Rates
Get up to 4 pieces of furniture moved within your home for a flat fee of $149.99.
Our In-House hourly rate is 
$79,99 with our minimum rate and travel time. 

There are no fuel charges. The moving supply fee is $25. Specialty moves, Major appliances, Safes, Gym equipment, Pianos, etc. are extra Call to inquire.  
No Surprises, upfront prices, combined with our honest helpful staff to ensure you are not billed extra.

For Long Distance Moving Rates Or Commercial Rates Please Call Us

Average Moving Times 

APARTMENT one bedroom with 2 movers - 4 to 6 hrs

APARTMENT one bedroom with 3 movers - 3 to 6 hrs

APARTMENT two bedroom with 2 movers - 5 to 8 hrs

APARTMENT two bedroom with 3 movers - 4 to 6 hrs

HOUSE two bedroom with 3 movers-  4 to 6 hrs

HOUSE two bedroom with 4 movers - 4 to 5 hrs

HOUSE three bedroom with 3 movers - 6 to 9 hrs

HOUSE three bedroom with 4 movers - 6 to 7 hrs

HOUSE four bedroom with 3 movers - 7 to 12 hrs

HOUSE four bedroom with 4 movers - 6 to 10 hrs

Moving Rates Include

Amount of items

Amount of blanket

Wrapping needed

Walking distance from

Door to truck


Assembling beds

Size of elevator

Number of floors

Number of movers

Please note that our company policy states that our movers are entitled to one 30-minute break after the first 5 hours of work. Any moves over 8 hours are subject to time-and-a-half rates. This means that you maybe charged 50% more for every hour beyond the 8-hour limit. 

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