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All moving is somewhat stressful, but our advice affords the most pleasant and seamless home move possible. Moving your home can actually be a great experience! We still find, however, that people continue to make these top three mistakes when moving. Your home move can go smoothly if you plan ahead whether you are using a Professional Moving Company or not.

1. Hire the Wrong Moving Company. We cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a professional, vetted, reputable moving company. Whether you’re rushed, or it’s occurring during an emotionally difficult time, or you have plenty of time to plan none of that matters if you hire the wrong company your move can quickly become a nightmare.

Hiring the right professional moving company will enable you to handle your move with grace and efficiency. They will be with you every step of the way, ensuring proper care and packing of your precious belongings, making your experience as pleasant as possible and giving you one less thing to worry about. 

SOLUTION: Get referrals from trusted friends, check out online reviews, heres some of our moving reviews:

Hire the best, NOT the cheapest. Remember even if you get a referral from a friend to check to make sure they are licensed. Just because it’s a referral doesn’t mean your friend ever checked. AND just because they had a good experience with an unlicensed moving company doesn’t mean you will be as lucky. 

2. Not Allow Enough Time to Clear Clutter Prior to Moving. The second most important thing you can do prior to a home move is go through your house, room by room, closet by closet, drawer by drawer, and get rid of useless clutter. People generally have no idea the vast amounts of “stuff” that accumulates during the course of even one year, let alone twenty or thirty. We are not making a judgment call here—of course you want to hold on to certain keepsakes. However, you will undoubtedly find items that have fulfilled their duty, and are due for the trash or Goodwill.  

SOLUTION: Allow three to five full hours per room, to go through all spaces. A kitchen full of bottles and cans, or an office with files and boxes of pictures will take longer (mostly because we tend to get sucked into memoryville and pause over every piece of paper!). You may think the guest bedroom will take no time at all, as it’s rarely used, right? Don’t be fooled. Plan for at least a full three hours to go through closets, under beds, in dressers. Armed with a large trash bag and several sturdy boxes, separate trash from donation. If you’re done sooner, celebrate! Or start on the next room. 

3. Don’t Have Enough Supplies. You’ll be surprised how many boxes it takes to pack a closet, desk or kitchen. The tendency is to vastly underestimate, because you are looking at things that are put away nicely. Three to five wardrobe boxes are average for a closet, plus five large blanket boxes, and three medium boxes just for shoes. A standard dining room hutch will need five to 10 dish packs. You also need to have plenty of packing tape, and tape gun(s). Properly sealing boxes requires three passes of tape on the bottom of the box, plus one pass on the top to seal the top of the box. (Never weave flaps; always seal them with tape.)  

SOLUTION: Overestimate your box and tape count; if you purchase boxes from a professional moving company they will buy back unused supplies.

Mr. Nice Guy Movers has been helping people have happy home moves for years. Please call us for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate for your upcoming home move. Hiring a Professional Company to handle your move will mean you have one less thing to worry about when planning your next move.

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