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Mr. Nice Guy Movers - Successful Office Moving

Is your office getting ready to relocate?  Office moving can be time-consuming and stressful, but there are ways to go about making the move as efficient and convenient as possible!  

Six Simple Steps for Successful Office Moving

1.    Find reputable office movers.  Look around, request quotes and do the research.  Take the time to find the right office moving company. 2.    Establish an effective communications plan.  This will alleviate stress and help everyone sail smoothly through the office moving period. •    Make sure everyone knows about the office move far in advance.  Give yourself plenty of time to prepare and make plans.  Preparing to move out of your house requires a great deal of preparation, and office moving requires even more!  Do employees know what is expected of them?  Are they in charge of cleaning their own offices and cubicles? •    Notify customers and clients and let them know about the office move as early as possible.  Send out a memo/letter to everyone who might need to know – you can even post the letter on your website.  In the body of the letter, be sure you include the new address and the reason your office is moving.  It may also be a good idea to include a small map for directions to the new office. •    Everyone else who is affected by the move should also be contacted.  This includes utility companies, insurance companies, credit card companies, banks, etc. 3.    Update your office’s contact information.  Do you have office stationery? It’s time to make changes to it!  Make sure the new address, phone number and fax number are all correct.  Other things to update include service agreements, equipment leases, etc. 4.    Thoroughly prepare your management team. Take inventory; this helps you easily establish what is packed and ready and what is maybe being overlooked.  Also, remember to back up networks and phone systems.  Call your phone vendor and make sure they are ready to go with moving your phone equipment.  Call your networking vendor to make certain that the new office is pre-wired exactly how you want it.  Take note of any items that require special handling, including framed artwork, plants, computers, large printers, copiers and fax machines.  And make sure all your employees back up everything on their computers. 5.    Get to know the layout of the new office.  It’ll be your turf now, so make sure you get familiar with the lay of the land! •    Perform a walk-through of the new office.  No doubt you’ve gotten comfortable with your old workplace.  It may even feel like a second home, so office moving can be tough.  A tour of the new place can offer a sense of familiarity and comfort before you actually start working there. •    Parking is a significant issue when it comes to the office.  Though it’s not essential, it’s nice to know the parking situation ahead of time.  Will there be designated parking spaces?  Is the parking lot across from the building or located right by the front doors?  Are there multiple entrances?  If so, where are they?  Is there a parking garage?  The more specific information you have upfront, the less anxious and stressed you’ll be when it comes time to move. 6.    It’s time for final cleanup!  Throw away any junk that’s been sitting around.  Archive old files.  Clear out the reception and kitchen area.  It’s a good idea to walk around the entire office and make sure nothing has been overlooked. Mr. Nice Guy Movers can help with these office moving steps!  

 Office moving should be as hassle-free and convenient as possible, and as your office movers, we make it happen every time.  Whether you’re a large corporation or smaller, locally owned business moving , we are the right company for you.  Make office moving easy and stress-free, and call the moving experts at Mr. Nice Guy Movers Services today!

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